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  • Design Week: Chicago Interior Design Experts Unleashed

    interior intro

    Every year, the best and brightest in the design business get together in Chicago to put on one of the greatest design shows in the world.  ARoomSomehwere is there with the top 3 designers found at the event.

    1. Paula Calligary – Using inspiration drawn from modern and art deco styles, Paula has been well known for such pieces like her Fuzzy Chair with Grapes piece seen in the Louvre.  At the design expo she showcased her newest piece – ‘Design by Jacob’, an experimental political interior design piece meant to emulate the look of one of Mao’s old Chinese temples.
    2. Marshall Erb – Inspired by colonial design, Erb seemingly gets his inspiration from a multitude of factors including that of an era past.  Diving into antique pastel finishes in his portfolio at the expo, Erb managed to show off his lighter side and maintain prowess as he and his team of Chicago interior designers took the stage and stole limelight at the show.


    1. Richard Dougan – Dougan Interiors has been a world famous name in interior decorating for a long time now, and everyone seems to think that there is no stopping the design giant.  He showed off his latest interior which contrasted bright blue tones with mute yellow upholstered furniture.  The end result was breathtaking.

    For more on Chicago Interior design expo watch this video from last years event.

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  • Doing Yoga With Your Nails Done

    Having gorgeous nails while doing yoga is a great idea and you need to do something special to have hot stylish nails as your hands will be on front and center on this day. All yogis spend enough time in selecting right dress and other accessories and go through different beauty treatments. Thinking of nails beauty is also one of the pre-yoga preparations. Here are some special tips for doing hard yoga poses with fresh nails.

    How To Make Sure You Don’t Break A Nail

    Designs for your nails that won’t get broken while you’re doing yoga is a tricky situation to try and fix if you are an advanced yogi.  If you want to make sure that nothing bad will happen to your nails then you’re going to have to fix them yourself.  Nothing can prepare you for th sharp pains you may feel if you break a nail while you are doing yoga.  Sheesh, I would no wish that pain on anyone!  There are a lot of different acrylic nail protectorates you can use in order to fix the nail if you don’t break it to deep.

    Tips For Doing Yoga With Your Nails Done

    • Do manicure on weekly basis and pedicure once a month before six months of your yoga day. Consult a nail specialist and have treatment if your nails are weak.
    • Do special care of your hands & feet at home. Apply some nail oil or balm for better growth and healthy nails and avoid dish washing and dealing with soil in garden.
    • Select your wedding day shade for your nails that will be in best combination with your dress. Consult your beautician or manicurist in this regard.  This will make it a lot easier to do your downward facing dog.
    • Length of your nails must not be too long.
    • If you find it difficult for you to do nail art then you can also get some ready to use false nails with best art on them in different colors, sizes and styles. Here are some cool pictures of you to select best one or go to beauty saloons with an idea in your mind.
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  • Is a Chain Link Fence the Right Choice?

    Sometimes, bushes and short fences just aren’t enough. Privacy is now becoming an in demand thing for typical American households. It’s just not right to let other people see you sunbathing on your lawn or doing other private things that could possibly be the source of gossip around your neighborhood. Wouldn’t you love lounging in your backyard and not think how your next door neighbors would be able to see you? Or have some family events that you could do privately. That’s why fences are very important to most people because they serve as the boundary, the security and the privacy police of our lives.

    What Function is Your Fence Providing?

    There are so many fences to choose from but people typically use those that can really offer them privacy. However, some go for fences that offer more protection than privacy. In which case, chain link privacy fencing is more suitable. Chain link fences are generally made of steel that’s been galvanized. They are woven into each other and give a diamond shaped pattern look which is probably its most distinguishing feature. This type of fence is not advisable to those who want as much privacy as possible because the open patterns make it possible to see what’s inside and outside the fence. What it does offer is excellent protection from factors that you would not want to get inside.

    chain link fences

    We have to thank Charles Barnard for developing this method of “weaving” wires into each other in 1844. Since then, many people have greatly benefited from this type of fence, especially those who feel that security is their top priority.

    They are usually seen fencing around buildings or fields. Most popularly, they are used for baseball, softball or tennis fields because people can see what’s going on in the field but the ball can’t get out of the field when it’s thrown far away. Even parks use this type of fence. What’s great about the open patterns is that it allows sunlight and wind to come in. You could also see what’s outside (if you’re not after privacy), but remain safe inside its walls. Also, the fence installation process is also very easy. According to Pro-Line Fencing (https://www.facebook.com/prolinefencingmi/), just set up the posts, attach one of the ends of woven steels, unroll and attach the other end to the other posts.

    If you are after its protective characteristics but you still want to have your own privacy, there’s a simple solution to fix that. You could always use chain link fencing privacy slats. They are strips of wood or any other material that you can insert in between the woven materials to cover the open patterns of the chain link. It’s a good way to make your fence seem solidly built using wood but is actually supported by steel wires. You could also use them as a sort of decorative material to enhance the appearance of your fences. Some people even alternate the patterns of their slats to give it a unique and creative look. You could choose from the different materials used to make slats and decide for yourself which one of those will you use.

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  • Liquid Screed For Flooring Design and Style

    Choosing Liquid Screed – Design And Style

    Liquid screed floors are trending these days. People are more into giving a modern and chic look with these floors rather than going for the traditional wood flooring. They may be a little expensive but they are long lasting, and there is no fear of damaging them.

    Other than being trendy, there are other benefits of flowing screed. It is easy to pour and allows quick dry. There are many companies that are working as liquid screed suppliers in the market. Most of them are suppliers to the big fish in the market who are offering the services of installing liquid flow screeds. There are other suppliers who provide floor screeds to home and businesses. Watching out the changing trends, the suppliers keep all of their options open. This way, when the trend changes, later on, they will not have to face any problems.

    Before you chose to work with a certain supplier you need to look for a few things. Such as:

    Market reputation – you must move as around the market and do your researches before you hire a screed supplier. Customer reviews as important but so are the market reviews.

    Credit reputation – most of the suppliers, work on credit. You have to make sure that they have a good credit reputation, or your money can be stuck, and there would be nothing you can do about it.

    Customer support – a good supplier, has proper channels to communicate with its customers. It is a customer’s right to ask about his order and the time of delivery. The supplier who cannot give you the right information at the right time then there is no use working with him. You will risk your work and time.

    Keeping promises – a supplier needs to be responsible enough to keep his promises. If a supplier promises you to deliver on a certain date, then he should deliver it on the given date. If he is unable to keep his promise, then he surely is risking his reputation and customer trust.

    Reliable – people who are in supply business keep on changing their products as per the customer demands and changing trends. Try to work with a supplier who has been dealing with screed for a long time. It will ensure that he is going nowhere and you can always call him up for assistance.

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  • Lessons From A Caerphilly Carpet Cleaning Company

    Carpet cleaning industry is flourishing day by day. It is because people prefer getting their houses carpeted so they can use the floors for sitting. Obviously, you cannot sit directly on the wooden floors, so carpets serve the purpose and increase the sitting capacity of the room. You can add floor cushions and bean bags, but carpets are always a priority; especially in homes where there are kids. Being the best flooring material, carpets needs regular cleaning. Caerphilly carpet cleaning company uses the following ways to clean the carpets.

    Water extraction method

    Professional carpet cleaning companies have water extractions units they are commonly known as steam cleaners. They wash the carpet by injecting a solution in the carpet and then pulling back the dirty solution into the machine. There is no hassle of dragging the hose around; their machines have clean water hookup.

    Dry extraction method

    There are machines that are based on the idea of dry extraction method. You have to spread a dry absorbent compound all over the carpet and then vacuum it with the cleaning machine. They work better than the steam cleaners and are ideal for the carpets that are made of sensitive material. Dry extraction method has no adverse effects on the carpet life. On the other hand, water extraction method can damage the carpet if used frequently.

    All of the carpets cleaning services use the cleaning mentioned above techniques. You have the liberty to chose nay one of them as per your budget and cleaning requirements. Make sure you hire a well-reputed company that has an experienced and well-maintained staff. Do your research and ask around people for their opinion. Customer reviews tell you the truth about the company and the quality of their performance. Try to get your carpets clean at least thrice a year, and if you have messy kids then even more than that. Some people prefer getting their own carpeting cleaning machines for household use. They save a lot of money and hassle of taking the carpet to the cleaner and then bringing it back. You can use the household machines for regular carpet cleaning.

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  • Laundry Room Basics – Hide That Heat Pump Dryer


    It is difficult to overstate the case for quality furniture in a house, though some rooms are more utilitarian in nature and therefore need than others in this regard. A prime example of this is the laundry room, a rarely seen stop on most home tours, but still a part of the house that can be improved with the the purchase of proper furniture, in this case proper laundry room furniture. That certainly begs the question: what is laundry room furniture?

    Due to the aforementioned utilitarian nature of the laundry room cabinetry, the vast majority of furniture that can be accurately classified as as laundry room furniture have some functionality or serve some purpose related to the washing and drying of linens and clothes. There are cabinets, sorting baskets, laundry cradles and even fold out or removable ironing boards. Each piece of laundry room furniture is usually designed for a single yet important purpose, and it is important to at least know what should be located in, on or near any given piece of laundry room furniture in order to give the appearance of at least knowing how a well-run laundry room is supposed to work.

    laundr heat pump

    Cabinets are perhaps the easiest piece of laundry room furniture to buy as there are limits on physical size in most laundry rooms that will certainly whittle the selection down to a handful of options in any given store, but there is more to cabinets than meets the eye. We once saw a option to have a reclining massage chair in a laundry room which was an idea we loved!  Many prefer to use their laundry room as a storage site for all of their cleaning equipment, including their vacuums, brooms and mops. This may be due to the fact that laundry rooms are not often visited by those not planning on using them, and thus keeping less desirable yet commonly used tools in the laundry room makes sense. It is therefore important to select cabinets with large open spaces at the bottom, or modular shelving systems that will permit this. Another great thing to check out is this this Bosch dryer review if you are thinking about putting new appliances in your laundry room.  Store everything from brooms and dustpans here, but do not store chemicals of any kind in the bottom. If anything, chemicals belong on the top shelf as far from children and pets as possible, even if none reside within the house; one never knows who will be coming to dinner next week.

    now thats a laundry room

    Shelves on top of the laundry machine(s) are also an important part of any laundry room furniture set. These shelves should be large and sturdy enough to hold sorting baskets which allow one to easily and effectively sort their loads. Laundry cradles and even hampers should be placed next to the washer, which should be on the far side of the laundry room from where the ironing board and iron are stored. This is double true for fold-out ironing boards.

    There are plenty of options to choose from in the realm of laundry room furniture, so consumers are advised to look long and hard before making purchases.

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  • Industrial Design : Importance and Technique


    I have written often about the overwhelming importance of design in successfully differentiating and branding products. We all know examples of well-designed products that become standards. The Ferrari sports car, the Rolex watch, the Barbie Doll, a Krups toaster or the PEZ candy dispenser are obvious examples of packaging, or product design that become ubiquitous to consumers around the world. When the rare Ferrari Testarossa roars by on the highway, we instantly know that the ‘yellow prancing horse’ badge sits proudly and desirably on the world’s most exotically styled automobile.

    One of the most famous industrial designers of the 20th century was Raymond Loewy. Born in France, Mr. Loewy became the designer of choice for manufacturers of consumable and non-consumable consumer products, industrial transport and corporate logo’s as a result of the simple design cues that he often built his products around. Visitors to the Loewy shop often noted that there was a bowl of eggs prominently placed in his office. Eggs were a real creative prop for all of Loewy’s associates. They were not on hand to be deviled and eaten.

    Raymond Loewy felt that the egg was nature’s perfect shape. The egg is oval, circular, oblong, smooth, white, and a peculiar combination of strong and brittle. No other shape is so compelling. When viewed it is pleasing, when held it is comforting. He made every effort to utilize the splendid inherent design features of the egg in his industrial design work. The simplicity of the shape became identifiable in ‘Loewy product designs’.


    A list of the famous products, packages and corporate logo’s that Loewy crafted during his long career is an amazing valediction of his creativity and range. The following is a list of a few of the works of Raymond Loewy:

    • Gestetner Mimeograph Machine       Pennsylvania Rail Road Locomotives
    • Schick Electric Razor                         IBM Key Punch
    • Coca Cola Bottle and Logo               Lucky Strike Cigarettes Logo
    • Leisurama Homes                             New York City Transit Train R40 Car
    • NASA Sky Lab Interior                      Exxon Logo
    • Shell Oil Logo                                   Studebaker Avanti & Commander Auto
    • Frigidaire                                          Panama Line Cruise Ship Interiors
    • Wahl Eversharp Fountain Pen          International Harvester Logo
    • Dorsett Catalina Pleasure Boat        Zippo Lighter
    • Sears Cold Spot Refrigerator            Huppmobile Auto’s
    • 1947 Filben Jukebox                         Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus

    This is an impressive list and many of these products are considered timeless and cutting edge to this day. Motor Trend and Car & Driver Magazine list the Studebaker Commander as among the most beautifully designed cars of the 1950’s. Loewy designed locomotives of the 1940’s are treated as classic art by railway buffs. In almost every one of these designs the styling cues taken from the egg are visible to even the most untrained eye. Industrial design students study Loewy crafted products just as art students study Rembrandt or Picasso.

    Companies and entrepreneurs that revere and diligently work for highly stylized designs are much more likely to succeed in both the short and long run. Consider Ralph Lauren’s Polo lines of clothing. The attention to detail, design, quality and manic maintenance of the brand as a lifestyle product has established Polo as a classic, decade after decade. Calvin Klein clothing enjoys a similar status based on the brands positioning as cutting edge, urban styling. The Benetton brand, on the other hand, was immensely successful in the 1980’s. However, the Company did not maintain its design creativity and has largely been in decline.

    Local designers have showed up in the strangest of places as well.  Two years ago, in Round Rock, Texas , a man names Norman Butler ended up showcasing a very famous home in the area that was known as the first industrial pipe designer showcase of the 21st century.  A plumber in Round Rock Texas, Norman ended up using what he had learned in his years of trade to help transform a colonial style house into a modern piece of art by using copper pipe to redesign the flow of an old space.  Further information was found at IDSA, the leading voice in modern industrial design.

    Of course today, the automobile industry is being roiled by production overcapacity issues, a global credit crisis and high fuel prices. In no industry is design as crucial as in the car business. And yet, it is almost impossible to differentiate one car from another on modern roads. The success of BMW’s Mini, the new Volkswagen Beetle, the Cadillac CTS, the Mazda Miata and the Buick Enclave are due almost entirely to their unique, sleek body styles. They are nowhere near the cheapest vehicles in their categories. They simply scream ‘cool, buy me’! Why do so many other car manufacturers not take note of the importance of differentiating, compelling design features when producing box-like, indifferent, cookie cutter travel conveyances totally lacking in special personality.

    Every aspect of a products design and presentation is crucial to creating a strong, lasting brand identity in the target consumers mind.  The logo must reflect the features, benefits and positioning that is unique to a product. The packaging must stand up to the competition and support the branding message being conveyed. The products logo, iconography, colors, printing fonts and package copy must be married to the container and the contents of the product itself. Well designed products seem natural, seamless. They draw the eye. They do not attack the senses.

    Raymond Loewy’s use of the egg as a favored creative prop is a clever device that can easily be copied. The egg would seem, as a basic foodstuff, not to offer much for industrial designers by way of providing inspiration. Nevertheless, Loewy had an eye for simple, elegant styling and saw unique art properties in the shape of the egg. These he utilized fully and created his own unique design style. The potential to replicate this use of naturally occurring or man-made design features is omnipresent. The successful new product will incorporate the best possible creative devices borrowed from wherever they can be harvested.

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  • Interior Design Presentation Tips


    There are few myths about how to decorate that will make your home appear boring, blah, discombobulated, and uninviting. These myths have sprung from poorly edited do-it-yourself design shows, badly written design books, and simple misconceptions handed down through the generations.Dispelling some of these myths may help you create a more beautiful, dynamic interior for you and your family.

    Here are the 10 worst interior design trends of the decade

    1. Vessel Sinks (Raised Bowl Sinks) – A very stylish sink usually associated with luxury. They come in many styles and colors and are usually found in bathrooms that have a luxurious feel. However, because of their height, they tend to be inconvenient and uncomfortable, especially for children. Can be high maintenance if you are a person who splashes water often when using the sink. This is a design trend with hidden flaws. Great for guest bathrooms and vanity rooms but not so practical for high trafficked bathrooms.ugly_ass_room

    2. White Carpet – A flawed interior design trend for obvious reasons. White carpet needs lots of care and maintenance. White carpet can pick up stains from shoes that seem to be free of dirt. The stains are not so easy to clean either. Not a good idea in a home where there are kids or pets. This is a design trend that will continue to sell homes. If you decide to purchase white carpet, be prepared to treat it as if you are walking on egg shells.  These design tips taken directly from Sarah Williams blog post about design tips for Liberty Hill Texas Real Estate, and can be read about in further detail in her blog post about tips for selling your house quickly.

    3. High Inaccessible Spot Lights – These high spot lights are usually found in living room and kitchen areas with high ceilings. They have a beautiful look but they
    are very difficult to change when they burn out. You will either need to purchase a very large A-frame ladder or a long pole with a small suction cup at the end of it. Either way, you risk injury or breaking a light bulb every time one needs changing. A beautiful design overall but only when the lights are working. Poor_lighting

    4. High Inaccessible Interior Windows – Homes that have high foyer and living room ceilings usually have these windows. They have an excellent “wow” factor. People are drawn to large, high windows. However, they are very difficult to clean and they need to be done by professionals or by getting on a ladder and risking injury. The ledges also collect dust and are also difficult to clean. Nice look but hard to maintain.

    5. High Inaccessible Ceiling Fans – Just like the spot lights, the high ceiling fans in the home are excellent decorative pieces. A nice looking ceiling fan adds plenty to a home. However, they are difficult to clean as they collect lots of dust. They are also hard to maintain if they have light bulbs that need changing. You need the large A-frame ladder or a suction-cup-on-a-stick to keep your ceiling fan well-maintained

    6. Decorative Glass Wall Plates – This is an interior design trend that also sells homes. Many people use decorative wall plates in their kitchen, hallways and living room areas. They come in many decorative styles and they give homes an upscale feel. However, they are made of glass and if they happen to fall off the wall, there is a good chance they will break. Wall plates can be as cheap as $10 and as expensive as $300 each. It is very easy for a glass plate to fall of the wall. All it takes is an accident in a home with lots of traffic or a vibration from a heavy storm. It is not a good idea to keep a glass plate on any wall, especially if it is expensive or rare.

    7. Narrow Spiral Staircases – Many people add this to their home because it supposedly makes a statement. A decorative spiral staircase represents class and elegance. However, it is very uncomfortable to walk up and down a narrow spiral staircase. It is also a big inconvenience if you need to carry items up or down with you. It is also very unsafe for small children as they can put their legs in between the space in the steps. A wonderful design that can raise your property value but comes with inconveniences and safety issues.

    8. Flat Glass Electric Stoves – These stoves have a very sleek look and they add to the overall style of any kitchen. They are also easier to clean. However, you need to use special cookware suggested by the
    manufacturer on these kind of stoves. Using the wrong cookware can scratch and even break the glass. They are also more difficult to repair. For example, if a gas stove burner goes out, all you need to do is relight the burner. If your flat glass range element burns out, you need to replace the element which is a lot more difficult and time consuming than relighting a burner. So these types of stoves are good for looks but bad for aggressive cooks.

    9. Stainless Steel Counter tops – These counter tops are very expensive and very durable. They make a kitchen stand out especially if the kitchen has matching stainless steel ovens and refrigerator doors. However, a major downside to stainless steel countertops is scratching. After the scratching can come rust stains. You can prevent scratching by using cutting boards and non abrasive cleaning products. However, the reality is that it is still a kitchen and in a heavily used kitchen, scratching will occur, no matter how hard you try to prevent it.

    10. Expensive Decorative Floor Vents – There seems to be no need for this interior design trend. Floor vents are placed in the home for heat because heat rises and cool air stays low. However, they usually have to be around the edge of the home because they are holes in the ground and they can be an eyesore. They can also cause accidents and injuries if placed out in the open.

    These are just a few of the more common decorating myths spread throughout society. Once you realize one or more of these myths are what’s making your room look boring or uninviting, you can set it to rights. Don’t be afraid to paint with bold colors, or try new textures, or set aside a few accessories. It’s the only way to break through the myth and into the land of good design.

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  • Picking the Right Interior Options For Your Corporate Event


    Don’t Forget: People Want Some Comfort – A reminder about picking Comfortable Furniture For Your Corporate Rental

    Don’t forget… even though people are renting this space because they are going on a corporate holiday… they will probably still be working.  You spend more than a third of your day in an office environment. Chances are, however, you do not give as much thought as to how your work surroundings and the selection and arrangement of office furniture can affect your health. While you seldom have a hand in choosing the buildings that your office is situated in, being aware of what elements in your work place to watch out for will help you keep yourself safe and healthy.

    The field of ergonomics considers how the design of equipment and devices fit the human body and its cognitive abilities.  In an office setting, it allows an employee to work in comfort with no need to over-reach, employ awkward postures, nor sit or stand for unnecessarily long periods.  While some cases of bad office setups require complex analysis of human factors and task redesign, sometimes the proper selection of office furniture and their arrangement can go a long way in promoting wellness in the organization.  If you’re interested in financing a new home or office, then check out this list of the Best Personal Finance Blogs.

    Your work station, for example, should be equipped with chairs and desks that allow you to sit straight with your feet flat on the floor and your arms at a ninety-degree angle when working on your computer.  If you find yourself slouching or having to stretch to reach your computer, you are putting undue stress on your spine which can cause you back problems later on.

    Storage spaces are another consideration.  When you find yourself over-stretching or stooping to reach items in office cabinets, shelves or pedestals, your office storage spaces may not be optimally situated.


    Lighting also plays a major role in office comfort and productivity, as well as in reducing fatigue or stress.  Natural light is best but you can supplement this in your work place by replacing your old-fashioned fluorescent tubes or incandescent bulbs with full-spectrum lighting.  This kind of lighting gives off a natural and balanced range of light that is as closed to sunlight as you can get indoors.  It has been found that not only does full-spectrum lighting bring out the vividness in colors; it also reduces eye fatigue and your stress levels and improves your mood.

    Clutter should always be avoided as these can cause work disruptions and accidents.  Office furniture, equipment and devices, as well as their corresponding wires, cables and connections, should be properly arranged or stored to prevent mishaps.  Cool ideas on this Pinterest Page.

    Health and safety at the workplace deserve a lot of thought, not only from the management, but also from its workers.  With these tips in mind, you can contribute in creating an environment wherein wellness is a norm.

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  • Designing the Perfect Corporate Get Away | Office Interior Design ideas


    What To Consider

    No one should underestimate the advantages brought by a pleasant working station. A well-organized office brings a favorable working condition that helps workers to focus on their work and relax whenever they grow tired or stressed at work. Focused and relaxed workers are more productive because they are more efficient.

    Any employer would want their employees to be productive because it means more profits. This would only happen if favorable working conditions are present. Specifically, an appropriate and well-thought of office interior design is what any employer needs to achieve employee productivity. There are 5 things that you have to consider to get a perfect interior design for your office.


    For you to have the best deal for your office interior design, be conscious of your budget. There are expensive office equipment, furniture, office accessories, and interior designing services but the price you are going to pay will be worthy. This is because the high price is often an indicator of high quality products and services.

    That being said, you should not underrate the not-so-expensive interior designing services, office equipment, furniture, and office accessories. Some of them may come from starting artists (such as painters, interior designers, and furniture designers) and businessmen. They may be starters but there are some of them who could make high quality products and sell them for a much lower price.


    Does the nature of your office demand you to deal with visiting clients or customers? If yes, you would need to allocate a part of your office space to accommodate any visiting client. If not, you would still need to do the same because there will always be unexpected visits from your clients, friends, and relatives.


    The office interior design primarily benefits the employees. That is why you also need to consider their needs, works, and personalities. You have to consider the number of people who would be using the office.


    It is important to consider the number of employees so that you can allocate the right amount of space for each employee. Another thing you have to consider regarding space is the number and size of office equipment that should be accommodated in the office.  An extremely good use of space can be found here at Houzz.

    Nature of Work/Business

    Lastly, the nature of the work or business should be taken into consideration for a perfect office interior design. It should be appropriate to the type of work done in the office. That is because the office itself could be a way of promoting your products and services.